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Antonio Surveillance Notes 01

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Antonio Surveillance Notes 01
Antonio Surveillance Notes 01 (Anaconda Island).png
Antonio Surveillance Notes 01
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Story Item

Antonio Surveillance Notes 01 is a story item which was added in update V.1.0 to Green Hell.

Basic Info[edit | edit source]

The surveillance notes 01 by Antonio can be found at the anaconda island. Antonio watches and makes surveillance notes on Izabel and her friends. He underlines that there is a doctor who may be able to help his sick daughter. Antonio notes that the group pose no threat and that he may take a chance on them, presumably in the interest of his daughters health.

Transcription[edit | edit source]

A group of four people heading in the north-west direction. Two men, two women. Their internal dynamics suggest two couples. Young, city folks, judging by their appearance and behavior, No visible signs of sickness, probably healthy.

No gun. Machetes, knives. No knowledge of martial arts, only one of them looks like he could pack a punch. They're messy, leaving tracks and minor items behind. So far no meds in their trash.

Joao - leads the group, but there's no strong leader. Loose structure.

Carlos - muscle of the group, buffed up, but his behavior shows that he has no solid training.
Acts tough. Hasn't noticed me so far.

Izabel - nurse? doctor? Must have at least basic training, she patched up Carlo's minor wound, has meds on her, and probably more medical equipment.

The other woman - she can tell apart poisonous and edible plants, but is not an expert. Basic training? An interest, a hobby maybe?

They are clearly headed in a set direction. Joao has notes regarding the route, but they're impossible to read from afar. They are planning to meet someone. Looking for shelter? Smugglers?
They are talking about some medicine, and one of the women mentioned bodies in a hospital. They show a clear interest in natives. They can't be dumb enough to try to approach them, can they?

Findings of surveillance:
They're harmless.
The doctor could help Teresita.
They might have useful information and drugs. Worth taking a chance.

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Update History[edit | edit source]

Version Changes
V.1.0 New – Story Mode