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The following is a beginner guide for Green Hell

See this as a temporary guide since we're waiting for the full release. For now - in my personal opinion, as a player of Green Hell - a. Try to find the balance. b. Try to survive the elements. c. Enjoy the beautiful world created by CreepyJar.

Tip 1. Keep an eye on the bars in the bottom left.

  Your Health decreases if you have something on, or in you. Rashes, Leaches, Lashes and Worms. Each with its cure.
  Your Micro-Elements - Proteins, Carbs, Fats and Thirst needs to be watched as well. Know your Food is all I can say.
  Get enough sleep!! LOL. Yeah. Lost in a jungle full of danger and not knowing if you're going to eat or be eaten. Soothing thoughts when you decide to sleep on a bed of leave or just pass out on the floor. But being to tired to start a proper fire is a reality here.
  And if this is not enough to make you lose your mind.. Be sure not to lose it in-game either. Worms under my skin all day would surely dive me insane too.
  Watch your watch. It not just good for Timekeeping and Direction.

Tip 2. Stock up.

  Your backpack is a wonderful thing. And seemingly your character is not as good at using it as you might think. Every section has its stuff. But be sure to sort the stuff and plan your spacing. Just throwing everything in there means you'll soon run out of space. Be sure to keep an eye on the weight to.

Keep it balanced - remember having a fruit in your bag the whole day in the jungle heat might make it go off.

Tip 3. Adventure time.

  It's hard enough to stay alive, but venturing out might show you some wonderful places. You might even stumble on some "high tech" methods of surviving, or find your death upon stumbling into a tribal village.

Tip 4. Have fun.

  Seriously? Your girlfriend/colleague/friend is lost in the jungle. Last thing you heard was cry for help. You're hungry, cold and lost. Can you even keep it together. 

It's already fun as it is. Can't wait for the full release.