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Blueprints, also known as ghosts are semi-transparent models of buildings. Once the blueprint has been place in-world, the player will have to collect all the materials needed to complete construction.

Basic Info[edit | edit source]

At the start of a new game the player will be automatically be given basic starter blueprints. Other blueprints will need to be discovered, this can be done by exploring all the different locations around the map. Once a new blueprint has been learned it will be added to the players notebook.

To view all available blueprints press N to open the notebook, all building tabs can be found on the right hand side of the book.

Blueprint Placement[edit | edit source]

To start building the player will need to select a blueprint from the notebook. Once the desired blueprint has been chosen press the Left Mouse Button to select it, the blueprints ghost will now appear in-world. To create the building press the Left Mouse Button. The player will need to obtain each material needed and place them in a specific order on to the blueprint to complete construction.

To build multiple blueprints which require building attachments, the main structure will need to be completed first. Blueprints will not snap in to place on a unfinished structure.
For example; a modular building requires the frame to be built first before adding attachments such as the roof. when placing multiple frames next to each other it is best to finishing building the first before adding a second fame to ensure they snap together.

Multiple non-custom buildings such as shelters can be place in-world as they don't require attachments.

Controls[edit | edit source]

Action Button
Rotates blueprint ghost around.
Places blueprint.
Places materials.
Hold T
Destroys blueprint after placement.
Cancels the blueprint before placement.

Blueprint Color[edit | edit source]

Blueprint Color Meaning
Blueprint is ready for placement.
Can not be placed due to objects blocking placement.
Can be placed once the plants have been cleared.
Blueprint after placement.
Highlights material ready to be added to blueprint.

Starter Blueprints[edit | edit source]

The following blueprints will show in the player notebook at the start of a new game. These buildings will give new players the opportunity to set up camp early in game. Giving the player the best chance of survival while they are learning the basic's of gameplay in Green Hell.

Modular shelters are also provided at the start of a new game, however these are more suited for experienced player.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Update History[edit | edit source]

Version Changes
V.0.5.5 Fixed – Sometimes constructions do not unlock in notebook.
V.0.5.4 Fixed – Walls don't despawn when completing loaded Mud Fireside Wall's ghost.

Fixed - Trigger of Log in Bamboo Shed ghost.
Fixed - Shed Roof ghost retained it’s position after aiming it elsewhere.
Fixed - Construction Ghost could be placed inside cuttable trees.
Fixed - Some constructions couldn’t be placed inside the Shed.
Fixed - Roofs ghosts placed on Sheds could not be deconstructed.


Fixed - Issue with loading not fully built ghosts.
Fixed - Cancelling ghost during changing weapons.
Fixed - Pre-built constructions ghosts collision.
Fixed - Attack during ghost placing.

V.0.3.5 Campfire's ghost no longer snaps to Stone Ring.
V.0.3.0 Fixed - Ghost double up when Player save game during construction and load it.

Changed information about how many items needs to be placed in ghost.
Fixed - Ropes in frame ghosts are too hard to insert.


Fixed - Small fire snap to stone ring which is under construction.
Fixed - Multiple construction ghosts can be placed on top of each other.