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Added in
Blueprint Discovery Required
Cooking Meat & Soups
Light Source
Extinguished by Rain
Increases Sanity
Fire attracts Natives

The Campfire is a Building in Green Hell.

Basic Info[edit | edit source]

The Campfire is one of the largest found in Green Hell. It will burn brighter and last longer than the small fire. The campfire will burn for a total of 20 in-game hours. It has four cooking points, which can be used to cook food and soups.

Campfires can be extinguished when it is raining if not placed under a shelter or modular shelter. Fuel can be added to the highest point of the fire to extend its burn length. Once the campfire has burned out, it will provide ash and three pieces of charcoal.

Building[edit | edit source]

Small stick.png
Big stone.png
Campfire Small Stick Stick Big Stone Small Stone

Fire Fuels[edit | edit source]

The following items can be added to extend burn length:
Sticks, small sticks, planks, charcoal, bamboo sticks, ropes, dry leaves, fibers, bird nests, small leaf piles, feathers, tobacco leaves, molineria, leaf bandages, ash dressings, lily dressings and tobacco dressings

Location[edit | edit source]

Blueprints for the campfire can be found at the following locations.

[Unconfirmed] [Possibly a bug] As of version 1.3 it might be possible to unlock campfire blueprint by surrounding small fire with stone ring.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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Update History[edit | edit source]

Version Changes
V.1.5.0 Campfire and Stone Ring are now built with 8 Stones and 4 Big Stones instead of 12.
V.1.3 Fixed - Campfire doesn't light surroundings properly.

Fixed - Small Fire and Campfire burn out timer is not sped up during sleep.
Fixed - Player should be able to harvest Campfire Ash from Charcoal.


Fixed – Constructions snapped to Small Fire/Campfire don't work after reloading game.
Fixed – Game crashes on Campfire on certain save after saving on different slot.


Light from Campfire is now brighter.
Fixed - Campfire had incorrect recipe in the Notebook.
Fixed - Destroyed Campfire’s components were blown high into the air.


Campfire's ghost no longer snaps to Stone Ring.
Fixed - Unlocking Campfire in Notebook.
Fixed - When Campfire burned out stones disappeared.


Fire can be extinguished by spilling water on it.
New Voice Over when starting fire.
Player stuck when crafting during starting fire - Fixed.
Starting fire cancel by pressing [Q] just before the end block animation.
Drop option added for fire in hands.

V.0.1.5 Fire no longer should extinguish when moving away.

Hint reminding why firestarting failed.
Fire should work properly when you walk away.

V.0.1.2 Blocking in starting fire animation - fixed.

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