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The cooking skill is increased when you have finished to cook something. The cooking skill reduces cooking time and increases burning time.

Requirements for cooking:[edit | edit source]

  1. A small fire or campfire.
  2. Firestarter
    1. Dry leaf : Use your axe to chop at small clumps of plants near the ground. Save these in your bag, or place them in a location near your fire . They will dry over night.
    2. Birds nest: These can be found on dead trees that are on the ground.
    3. Fiber : Harvested from small undried plants
  3. A container for cooking soups and infusions
    1. coconut shell
    2. Pot (Drug facility)
    3. A Turtle shell
  4. Water : Be careful when refilling water containers on the fire! Be sure you have selected the container, or you can douse your fire!
  5. Fire : Fires have spots to place meat for cooking. You can pull a pot to a spot, or cook your meat directly on the fire. ( You can lift things off the ground and move them about, if you have your backpack open.)

How to cook:[edit | edit source]

  1. Place a container (or meat) on a free place of a fire and fill it with water (if it rains the container fills itself and you can boil dirty/unsafe water).
  2. Add an additional ingredient to the container filled with clean water:
    1. Brew : Unknown Fruit
    2. Bone infusion: Bone
    3. Mushroom Soup: Any Mushroom (The cobweb mushroom soup is good)
    4. Fish Soup: Any Fish
    5. Meat soup: Any meat
    6. Maggot Soup: Maggots
    7. Larva Soup: Larva

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