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The Cooking Skill is a leveling system added V.0.1 in Green Hell.

Cooking skill.jpg

Basic Info[edit | edit source]

The cooking skill reduces the amount of time required to cook food, however it will also increase the time it takes for food to burn.

The players cooking skill can be increased simply by cooking food. As with all skills, the number of items required to cook to unlock each skill level will increase with each level.

How to Cook[edit | edit source]

  1. Create a fire.
  2. Open the backpack, pick up a item of food by pressing and holding down the Left Mouse Button. Drag and place the food on to one of the fires cooking spots.
  3. Wait for the food to cook. A timer will show above the food item, when it is full the food has finished cooking.
  4. Eat the food by pressing the Right Mouse Button or press E to place the item in the backpack.

Cooking vessels can be used to boil water.

  1. Create a fire
  2. Place a empty vessel on to one of the fires cooking spots.
  3. Fill the vessel with unclean/dirty water from a bidon. Take care when filling vessels with water. Make sure to have selected the container, to avoid accidentally pouring the water on the highest point of the fire which will cause the flames extinguish.
  4. Wait for the water to boil.
  5. When boiled either press E to drink, or use a bidon to store the clean water.

Additional Cooking Methods[edit | edit source]

Drying[edit | edit source]

Food can be dried by using drying racks. This method is one of the longest ways of cooking, however food will last three times longer then when using basic roasting. The only downside to drying is that it requires the dryer to be placed under a shelter otherwise rain will pause the drying process.

Smoked[edit | edit source]

Smoking food requires a smoker and a fire. Smoking is quicker than drying and less nutrients are lost during the process. Smoked food lasts two days longer than roasted foods.

Soups[edit | edit source]

Soups can be made by placing clean water in to a cooking vessel and adding an additional ingredient. Only one ingredient can be added to soups and brews. Stewing food is the fastest way to cook food, but they can not be stored in bidons. The player can however drag and place the soups vessel on to the ground and drink it at a later date.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Update History[edit | edit source]

Version Changes
V.0.5.2 Fixed – Cooking slots of Fireside wall do not work for Bowls if they were placed before igniting fireplace inside.
V.0.5.0 Fixed - Cooking slot issues.

Fixed Notebook skills descriptions.
Fixed Small Fire cooking slot issue.


Cooking slots - adjusted position of larger items.
Broken cooking slots fixed.


Cooking timer no longer resets after loading game.
Bugs with cooking slots - Fixed.

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