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Dictaphone - Dart Frog

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Dictaphone - Dart Frog
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A Recording by Mia Higgins
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Story Item

Dictaphone - Dart Frog is a story item which was added in update V.1.0 to Green Hell.

Basic Info[edit | edit source]

Dictaphone - Dart Frog is an audio recording by Mia Higgins. It can be found in at the on a box during the tutorial.

Mia describes how the Yabahuaca tribe use the poison from the dart frog to perform special rituals on members of the tribe.

Transcription of Recording[edit | edit source]

I know it's common for every amazon tribe, but it's still worth writing down in your book.
Dart frog, one of the deadliest amphibian on the planet is completely harmless for the natives thanks to some kind of vaccination.
The Yabahuaca, as many others, burn their skin and then puncture themselves be administering small dose of frog poison, they keep repeating the process once in a while to stay fully immune to it.
It's barbaric for us, but it's an everyday routine for them.

Update History[edit | edit source]

Version Changes
V.1.0 New – Story Mode