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Different actions or events can hurt the player. When this happens, various icons can appear above the health bar of your character, indicating the corresponding injury or illness.

The following table shows Wounds & Ailments and how to handle them. Note that different conditions may show more than on status effect icon. To see all status effects, visit HUD Display Messages.

Icon Condition Effect Treatments
Inspection icon V.png Infection, Laceration, Leeches, Rash,
Scratch & Abrasion, Worms, Venom Wound
N/A Inspect body for accurate information about the characters condition
Infection Fever; could result in death if not treated Place Maggots on infected wound
Laceration Bleeding (lowers Health) & high risk of Infection, if not treated Stitch wound with Ants, alternatively use Ash-, Goliath- or Honey Dressing, Leaf Bandage[1]
Leeches Lowers Sanity over time, impact depends on number of Leeches Pull leeches off body
Rash Lowers Sanity during the effect, if not treated Use Honey- or Lily Dressing, alternatively just wait untill the effect is over
Scratch & Abrasion Temporary Health loss Use Leaf Bandage [2] , Ash-, Goliath-, Tobacco-, Lily- or Honey Dressing
Worms Lowers Sanity during the effect, if not treated Pick Worms with Bone Needle or Fish Bone [3]
patch wound using Leaf Bandage[2], Ash-, Goliath- or Honey Dressing
Poison icon H.png Venom Wound Fever
Lowers Health over time, if not treated
Could result in death depending on current Health of the player
Use Lily- or Tobacco Dressing -4Poison icon H.png (Dressings take time to negate the effect)
Eat Painkillers -4Poison icon H.png & -5Fever icon H.png or White Herb Leaf -2Poison icon H.png
Drink Tobacco Brew -4Poison icon H.png or White Herb Leaf Brew -4Poison icon H.png
Fever icon H.png Fever Lose Energy & Hydration faster Drink Quassia Amara Brew -15Fever icon H.png or Bone Infusion -3Fever icon H.png
Eat Painkillers -5Fever icon H.png
Alternatively fight off[4], drink Water & sleep
Vomit icon H.png Food Poisoning Lose Macroelemnts through vomiting Eat Water Lily -2Vomit icon H.png, Red Herb Leaf -2Vomit icon H.png or Charcoal -1Vomit icon H.png & -5HUD sanity icon.png
Drink Water Lily Brew -5Vomit icon H.png, Bone Infusion -3Vomit icon H.png or Red Herb Leaf Brew -3Vomit icon H.png
Alternatively fight off and only drink Water to avoid dehydration[5]
Sleep icon V.png Insomnia Lose Energy faster
Lowers Sanity
Sleep untill the effect wears off
ParasiteSichness icon H.png Parasites Lose Macroelements, loss rate depends on number of Parasites Eat Guanabana -2ParasiteSichness icon H.png, Blue Mushroom -2ParasiteSichness icon H.png or Red Mushroom -1ParasiteSichness icon H.png
Drink Guanabana Brew -3ParasiteSichness icon H.png or Red Mushroom Soup -2ParasiteSichness icon H.png
HUD sanity icon.png Sanity Inner voices when Sanity is equal to or lower than 40
Hallucinations[6] when Sanity is equal to or lower than 20
Stand near a lit fire and/or eat cooked or found food to raise Sanity

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Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. Use of Leaf Bandage has a high risk of Infection on Laceration Wounds.
  2. 2.0 2.1 Use of Leaf Bandage may cause Infection when dirty.
  3. Have Bandages ready, open wounds can become infected.
  4. Fever caused by venom wounds only diminishes after the toxin effect has disappeared
  5. Eating food will cause vomiting and thus higher loss of Macroelements
  6. Hallucinations will attack the player and cause damage, this may result in wounds. They can easily be fought throwing stones or using any weapon. Wounds caused by halluciantions occasionally disappear after being defeated.