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Hydration is a survival stat in Green Hell added in V.0.1

Basic Info[edit | edit source]

Water is one of the most important substances on earth and essential for survival in Green Hell. The player has to drink regularly, failing to drink and becoming dehydrated can ultimately lead to death.

Finding Water[edit | edit source]

One of easiest ways to get water is by drinking from a dirty or unsafe river or pond. Drinking water that is dirty or unsafe carries a high risk of contracting parasites. It is highly recommend the player avoids drinking directly from rivers or ponds, unless they are dying of thirst and no other water source is available.

Coconuts are the next best source of water early on in game. They provide a small amount of clean coconut water. And once the coconut has been harvested and the flesh eaten, the empty coconut half shells can be place on the floor to collect rain water. This method of collecting rain water is only effective during the wet season.

For a more permanent solution to collecting water during dry seasons, it is best the player builds structures such as the water collector and water filter to ensure the player always have clean drinkable water available. Discovery of these blueprints will be required before they can be built.

Making Water Safe[edit | edit source]

Dirty and unsafe water can be purified and made safe to drink.

The easiest way to make safe water is to place coconut half shells on a fire, and fill them with dirty or unsafe water from a bidon. The fire will then boil the water and purify it, resulting in clean safe drinking water. The water can then be either drunk from the half shell or placed back into a bidon to drunk later.

Water filters can also be built to purify dirty and unsafe water. Discovery of these blueprints will be required before they can be built.

What Causes Dehydration[edit | edit source]

Carrying water[edit | edit source]

Water can be stored in liquid containers and placed in the players backpack. These containers are very handy when the player is traveling long distances without a reliable water source near by.

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Update History[edit | edit source]

Version Changes
V.0.3.0 Fixed - Missing FX when drinking water from pond.
V.0.2.0 Water sources player was unable to drink from - Fixed.