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Izabel Journal 01
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Journal notes by Izabel
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Izabel Journal 01 is a story item which was added in update V.1.0 to Green Hell.

Basic Info[edit | edit source]

Journal notes 01 by nurse Izabel Velho, can be found at anaconda island. In the journal she documents why herself and three friends, Carlos, Blanca and Joao have traveled in to the rainforest.

Transcription[edit | edit source]

My name is Izabel Pinheiro Velho and I am a nurse. I saw with my own eyes how my hospital turned into a hospice, where patients are given useless IVs and everyone is waiting for a miracle. No-one is really trying to help, whether it's the doctors, the giant corporations, or the government.
This is why I decided to do something. Together with a group of friends I set off into the jungle to find the tribe that started it all. If the natives can cause this disease, they must know how to treat it. According to Higgins, they are not aggressive, so I intend to ask politely for their help.

Obviously I'm aware that I can't develop the perfect drug by myself, I'm not stupid. Still, I believe that the information I'll gain may be used by someone else. I'll share my findings with anyone who offers a fair deal. Of course, I'm not doing it for the money - I want to help save human lives! But the expedition will take some time and it will be dangerous, not to mention that five more people are joining me. I have all the members of my team to think about. They are risking a lot for me. We're not going to deny the drug to anyone, but we deserve compensation for our efforts.
My plan is to record the entire expedition in this journal. Who knows, maybe I'll even publish a book, like Higgins? Only mine will be more valuable, because it's going to be about the real drug!

First day of the expedition. Eventually we set off as a group of four: Carlos, Blanca and Joao. I'm worried that I didn't have enough time to pack everything, but the chaos in the city is getting worse and we decided not to wait any longer. It's so bad that no-one at the hospital even noticed how much drugs and equipment I took. I don't want to justify theft, but we are going to make better use of this stuff.

Along the way some people approached us. They asked where we were going and if they could join us. I could see fear in their eyes, but we can't take anyone with us. If anyone's too pushy, Carlos intimidates them.... Luckily, so far it didn't come to violence.

We are keeping our goal secret, and Joao is pretty good at pretending that he doesn't know where to go. We don't pull out our map, because we don't want anyone to see the routes we've marked.

So far we've been moving at a good pace, even faster then we initially planned.

Day eight. Blanca showed me some interesting plants along the way; I've collected samples of all of them. These are leaves you can brew to make tea for indigestion and similar stuff. It's not yet the medicine we need, but who knows, maybe the simplest solution will turn out to be the best? After all, natives didn't invent god knows what, they simply use what they find in the jungle. Maybe it's an assortment of different leaves in the right proportions? I'm collecting everything, just to be on the safe side.

Besides, how are we going to communicate with the natives? None of us knows their language. I figured that I could show them different leaves, fruits or roots, and they would have to nod or shake their heads.

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