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Izabel Journal 02

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Izabel Journal 02
Izabel Journal 02 (Anaconda Island).png
Journal notes by Izabel
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Story Item

Izabel Journal 02 is a story item which was added in update V.1.0 to Green Hell.

Basic Info[edit | edit source]

Journal notes 02 by Izabel Velho, can be found at anaconda island. Izabel mentions in the journal that a group of refugees, Antonio Almedia and his family have joined the group. She also talks about Jake's book The Spirits of Amazonia, suggesting that Izabel is relying on it to help her find the Yabahuaca tribe.

Transcription[edit | edit source]

I think we're getting closer to the Yabahuaca! Joao says that he can clearly see signs of someone's presence, he even found a footprint in the sand by the river! I read Higgins's book like five times, I won't be more ready than that. I checked the contents of the medkit, all syringes and tubes are in place. I only hope they'll let us draw their blood! But that's just a last resort. We hope that once we explain what's going on in the world they'll give us the ingredients for the medicine or even the medicine itself! They've got to have it, right? Since they're not getting sick?
I just can't get over the microscope we broke along the way!

Surprise, surprise! Today we heard someone approaching from the jungle and we thought we already reached the Yabahuaca, but it was a regular guy! We got scared that it was someone from the cartel, because he looked like a real thug, but he turned out to be a policeman. His name is Antonio Meireles Almeida.

He brought his wife Sophia and daughter with him. They were extremely lucky to run into us, because the little girl was running a fever. Of course Carlos went completely nuts thinking it was the virus and didn't want me to tend to her, but in the end I convinced him it was a normal infection. I gave her some meds, she's going to sleep thought the night in my sleeping bag and tomorrow she'll feel much better.

Carlos keeps telling us not to trust Almeida. He thinks he's not really a policeman, but a BOPE soldier or someone like that, because he has a gun and acts all commando. As for me, I'm glad he joined us, because we'll have better protection against predators, and maybe he'll even hunt something for dinner! Carlos is probably a little jealous, because he's the one who should make me feel safe, but a gun is better then a machete.

Things are not that good with Sophia, though. She's terribly stuck-up. She showed me their passports and said that because she's an American and has a child, they'll surely let her cross the border. I don't know if she's so naive or just stupid. Anyway, until the girl gets better, we stick together.

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