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The Map is an navigation tool added to Green Hell in V.1.0.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Before being able to use the map the player will first need to find it. There are three maps in green hell.

Once the player has found the first map it can be accessed by pressing M, to zoom in press the RMB and pressing F will bring up the player smart watch. When multiple maps have been found, the player can toggle between them using the arrows on the bottom left hand side of the map.

At first the map will be blank, with locations being marked on the map through player exploration. The players position will not show on the map, however by using the GPS compass the player will be able to pin point their current location.

Location[edit | edit source]

The location of each map part differs between story and survival game modes. The three map parts can be found in the following locations;

Story Location

Survival Location

Completed Maps[edit | edit source]

Hover over the icons to interact with the place labelled in the map (Maybe not working with mobile)

Map 1 v · d · e
Map 2 v · d · e
Map 3 v · d · e

Map Legend[edit | edit source]

Icon Meaning
Map Icon Airport.png Airport
Map Icon Alvarez Cave.png Alvarez Cave
Map Icon Anaconda Refugees Camp.png Anaconda Refugee Camp
Map Icon Broken Bridge.png Broken Bamboo Bridge
Map Icon Cartel.png Cartel Drug factory
Map Icon Cave.png Cave
Map Icon Climbing-Equipment.png Climbing point - requires the Climbing Equipment
Map Icon Crashed Plane.png Crashed Plane
Icon Meaning
Map Icon Elevator.png Elevator
Map Icon Gold-Mine.png Gold Mine
Map Icon Grappling-Gun.png Climbing point - requires the Grappling Hook Gun
Map Icon Grappling-Hook.png Climbing point - requires the Grappling Hook
Map Icon Harbor.png Boat Dock
Map Icon Jeep Wreck.png Jeep
Map Icon Omolu Camp.png Omega camp
Map Icon Painted Rock.png Painted Rock - Spiritual Doorway
Icon Meaning
Map Icon Refugees Camp.png Refugee Camp
Map Icon Shabono.png Main village
Map Icon Stone Ring.png Ritual stone ring
Map Icon Tribe Village.png Tribal village
Map Icon Tutorial Tent.png Jake's tent
Map Icon Underwater Cave.png Underwater caves - require the Diving Equipment
Map Icon Waraha Tribe.png Waraha Tribe Camp

Third-Party Maps[edit | edit source]

These are Fan made maps and may not be completely accurate.

Update History[edit | edit source]

Version Changes
V.1.0 New In-game Map.