Molineria Flower Dried

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Molineria Flower Dried
Molineria Flowers Dryed.png
Molineria Flower Dried
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Item type
Dried Flower
Drying Harvested Flowers
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Plant Cultivation

The Molineria Flower Dried is a plantable item in Green Hell, added during the plant cultivation update V.1.1

Basic Info[edit | edit source]

Dried molineria flowers are created by drying the molineria flower. The dried flowers are to be used with the small planting box to grow the molineria plant. After the dried flowers have been planted they will need water and fertilizer to help with plant growth.

When the molineria plant has fully matured, it can be cut down to provide three molineria leaves. The plot will then need to be plowed and seeds replanted.

Drying[edit | edit source]

Molineria Flowers.png
Molineria Flowers Dryed.png
Molineria Molineria Flower
Flower Dried

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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Update History[edit | edit source]

Version Changes
V.1.1 New plantable items - Seeds, Nuts, Dried Flowers and Sticks