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Monday Metro
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Newspaper Article by Monday Metro
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Monday Metro is a story item which was added in update V.1.0 to Green Hell.

Basic Info[edit | edit source]

The newspaper article by Monday Metro reports on the out of control outbreak of the virus. It describes how the virus spread from Brazil and has reached reached Columbia. The World Health Alliance propose to fortify the Isthmus of Panama, a narrow strip of land that connects north and south America, to stop the virus spreading further in to other countries. The date on the front page is slightly blurry but it appears to be dated on September 2018.

The Monday Metro newspaper article can be found in Jake's third vision.

Transcription[edit | edit source]

Outbreak of Unknown Disease Spiraling out of Control

Not long ago, Brazil aspired to become the world's greatest superpower, but now it has found itself on the brink of total collapse. A mysterious disease has already cost Brazil the lives of 20 million people. The country is running out of it's medical supplies, and the government has lost control of the country. If the outbreak spreads beyond the borders, the crisis may consume the entire continent.

Due to the tragic situation in Brazil, the neighboring countries have introduced procedures that are meant to protect their citizens from becoming infected. Additional forces have been deployed to control the borders, and official crossings have been closed. Runaways who are trying to escape Brazil illegally are apprehended and sent back. The rest of the world has also introduced restrictions - most airports have suspended flights to and from Brazil.

At a special conference organized by the WHA representatives from all around the world are debating how to stop the unidentified virus from spreading any further. One of the first propositions is to fortify the safety measures at the Isthmus of Panama. From a geographical perspective it is the most convenient place to stop the outbreak, because the epidemic has already reached Columbia. Other propositions include building barbed-wire entanglements, fences, or even a wall reaching from coast to coast. Engaging major military forces is being considered.

It's easy to notice the helplessness of the WHA in the face of the crisis. All the solutions discussed so far are mostly aimed at protecting the countries that haven't been affected by the disease. No-one has proposed a method of efficient treatment of the virus or containment of the chaos-ridden area. The first day of the conference has led to disappointing conclusions, and the world still cannot feel safe.

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