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Page 23 Joao Notes
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Page 23 with handwritten notes by Joao
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Page 23 Joao Notes is a story item which was added in update V.1.0 to Green Hell.

Basic Info[edit | edit source]

Page 23 is from Jake's book The Spirits of Amazonia. In the page Jake describes his first encounter with the Yabahuca tribe, he mentions how he used a guide, presumably from the drug factory, to help locate the village. Jake also includes details of the surrounding area of the village, such as the swamp, shoreline, mountains and hills.

On the page can be seen handwritten notes and a yellow post-it note, these have been written by Joao. In the notes Joao mentions that himself and Izabel have found several possible places that match the area Jake describes.

Page 23 can be found inside a hut at the small native camp.

Transcription[edit | edit source]

There's a reason the tribes inhabiting tropical jungles are called “lost”. It is estimated that there are around eighty of them. but for obvious reason's it's impossible to determine exactly how many tribes live in the jungle. Finding the Yabahuaca required long preparations and exhaustive research, but still you have to remember that even the most precise theoretical knowledge can be of no use in a tropical forest, where there are no charted roads and for which no detailed maps are drawn. That's why it's so important to have a guides, someone from these parts. Often it's someone involved in the cocaine production. These people, thanks to their factories hidden in the forest, know the area and unofficial routes very well (and know how to avoid big cartels that can cause a lot of trouble for travelers).

(note by Joao: How nice that you did this work for us, Doc!)
(note by Joao: those survival camps are finally going to pay off! I've always had a good sense of direction!)

When trekking through the jungle it's best to avoid animals. Rare species with beautiful coloring can be tempting to get closer to. But we must remember that even a single snakebite or a touch of a tiny frog can lead to tragedy. You must also watch what you eat. Exotic plants, even cooked, can be poisonous. And if you're really careless and don't have the meds, they can be lethal.

(note by Joao: remind Izabel to swipe the antitoxin from the hospital)
(note by Joao: We must recruit someone who knows this stuff for our team. Maria? Blanca?)

We've covered most of the distance by boats. Our guide accompanied us up to the swamps cutting into a rocky shore, but refused to go further. Although the Yabahuaca are peaceful towards the world, there are rumors among the local population about aggressive natives. He showed us two possible ways: one through the mountains, leading to a village hidden in a hollow between the hills, and the other further along the river. The second option seemed more comfortable. When approaching the shore, we didn't see the village, but we were greeted by a group of a dozen natives, who were watching us curiously from the shore. They weren't shooting at us, shouting or shooing us away. As long as we behaved calm and friendly, we had nothing to fear from them.

(note by Joao: where do we get the boat???)
(note by Joao: Izabel and I shortlisted several places that match the description, we could use more details!)

Of course I can't give the exact route leading to the Yabahuaca. It's important to respect their right to live according to their beliefs. Each intervention of a person from the outside can disrupt these beautiful cultures, developing in isolation.

(note by Joao: we're gonna find them anyway!)

(Post-it note)
The Dream Team that's going to save the world!
Maybe Maria?

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