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People Magazine
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People Magazine is a story item which was added in update V.1.0 to Green Hell.

Basic Info[edit | edit source]

The article by people magazine can be found in Jake's third vision. The article covers Omolu Corp's miracle cure for cancer and explains how the company is giving the cure away for free to the citizens of Brazil.

Transcription[edit | edit source]

Brazilian Dream Coming True

While the Brazilian pharmaceutical company Omolu Corp is giving away free injections of a supposedly revolutionary cure-it-all to the country's citizens, the rest of the world watches in outrage as the prices of the drug keep soaring.

Until recently only the people interested in the pharmaceutical market recognized the name Omolu Corp, but now the company is on everyone's lips. The drug it developed in record time is said to work as a perfect vaccine that ensures immunity to all kinds of illnesses. And for those already sick, it stimulates the immune system, causing a remission and complete recovery. Although all of this sounds unreal, the internet is full of photos and clips presenting testimonies of people cured of cancer, AIDS or lupus. A study has also been published that shows great effectiveness of the drug against Ebola, which had been untreatable so far.
However, Omolu Corp has refused to give access to the drug to foreign medical labs, therefore no research outside of Brazil has proven its effects.

This doesn't seem to discourage the sick and dying from all around the world. They set up online fundraisers, hoping to collect the unimaginable amounts of money needed for treatment. Those who can, make a pilgrimage to Brazil in the hopes of getting an injection for free. People are queuing up at the border, waiting to be let in, and airlines are launching new connections to address the rising demand.

Although Omolu Corp is giving away the drug for free in Brazil, the profits of the company have already reached billions of dollars. The company has exclusive rights to the new drug and keeps its ingredients secret, not to let anyone copy the formula. This means that it is free to dictate the prices for other countries. According to unofficial reports, among the parties negotiating with Omolu Corp are not only importers from the USA, but also the governments of different countries, aiming to provide their citizens with access to the drug. Details of these conversations haven't been made public yet, but we know Omolu Corp is looking to build its branches around the world, initially at least one per each continent. A race between world powers is underway, and it will determine the choice of first locations.

The success of Omolu Corp is slowly affecting the entire country. Brazil, so far the world's eight-largest economy, is now on its way to the very top. Thanks to this medical discovery, the country is becoming a force previously unknown to the world - it has already outrun China and can soon become the richest, most influential superpower in the world. And this is due not only to the rising profits from the sales of the new medicine, but also the rapid development thanks to a healthier, stronger society. Today we don't know yet where this experiment of eliminating the illnesses of an entire population will lead us, but it's possible that Brazil will bring about a world revolution.

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