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Sleep Screen

Sleeping is a game mechanic that allows the player to restore energy and progress time faster.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Sleeping restores the player energy levels and speeds time up by 8 in-game hours. In some cases sleeping can be used to regenerate the players health, low doses of food poisoning and fever can be slept through speeding up the players recovery time.

To sleep the player will need a bed, pressing and holding E will start the sleeping animation followed by the sleeping screen. Time will speed up and the player will awaken a short while later. The player can also force themselves awake by pressing Wake up on the sleeping screen.

If no bed is available to the player they can sleep on the ground by pressing C and selecting the sleeping icon from the radial menu. This will however will give the player a uncomfortable sleep with a small sanity penalty. Sleeping on the ground also greatly increases the risk of worms.

Staying awake for long periods of time will cause insomnia and affect the player energy. Energy can be restored by eating, however the players energy loss will be at a faster rate then normal.

Beds[edit | edit source]

The following objects can be found at various locations around the map. They allow the player to sleep but can not be collected as blueprints or crafted.

  • Hammock
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Carseat

Update History[edit | edit source]

Version Changes
V.0.5.4 Fixed – Crash when loading a save after food spoiled during sleep.

Fixed – Water collector didn’t collect water faster when sleeping.
Fixed – Bee/Ants biting animation could be cancelled by throwing a Stone or Sleeping/Inspection.
Fixed – Dirtiness gained when Sleeping/Passing out didn’t scale with time spent sleeping.

V.0.5.0 Fixed - Water containers didn’t fill up during Player’s sleep.

Sleep and Inspection are now unavailable when the character is in the air.
Fixed sleep effects transition issue.


Fixed - Time is not speeded up when Player is holding any kind of weapon/tool while sleeping.
Fixed - Player may get stuck on sleep screen after loading a save if he died while sleeping.


Sleeping progress starts after fade out.
Fixed - Player can’t catch worm while sleeping on Log and Bamboo Log Bed.

V.0.2.0 Fixed - Getting worms when sleeping on hammock.
V.0.1.3 Fixed - Sometime when sleeping time wasn't moving.