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Small Planting Box

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Small Planting Box
Small Planting Box Buildings.jpg
Small Planting Box
Added in
Seed or Plank Discovery Required
For Blueprint
Plant Cultivation

The Small Planting Box is a structure that allows the player to grow certain plants. It was added in the Plant Cultivation Update V.1.1.0

Basic Info[edit | edit source]

The Small Planting Box allows the player to cultivate small flora, excluding aquatic plants, palms, and trees. The small planting box blueprint can be learned by discovering seeds or plank.

Once built, the player will first be required to place a valid seed into the plot. To place a seed in to the planting box, open the backpack, pick up the seed by pressing and holding down the Left Mouse Button and drag the item on to the planting box or press the Right Mouse Button and select "insert" from the drop down menu. Once a valid seed has been inserted, it will require water, fertilizer can be added but is optional.

Some plants can be left in the planter to provide a fresh supply of fruits, others can be cut down for resources. Once a plant has been cut down, the plot will need to be "plowed" in order to be reused. Press Q to plow the plot.

To clear the plot of any unwanted seeds or plants the player will need to "plow" the planting box, this can be done by looking at the plot and pressing Q. Once the plot has been plowed, any seeds, plants and resources consumed to grow plants, will be destroyed offering no refund. The plot can then be reused to grow more plants.

To view a list of the different types of seed and flowers that can be used in the small planting box, see Plant Cultivation.

Building[edit | edit source]

Small Planting Box.png
Small Planting Stick Plank

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Update History[edit | edit source]

Version Changes
V.1.5.0 Fixed - Large and Small Planting Box had collision on ghosts.

Fixed - Large and Small Planting Box drawings in Notebook are blurry on lower texture settings.
Fixed - Cannot unlock Planting Boxes on specific save.
Fixed - Growth icon is not updated if fruits are picked with open backpack.


Fixed – No plow icon in Acre Trigger after cutting down plant.
Fixed – Fruits don't drop after cutting down entire plant growing in Acre.

V.1.1.0 New constructions - Planting Box, Small Planting Box

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