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The Story or Plot is an series of events that was added to Green Hell in V.1.0. This page is an collection of events which helps to understand some major parts of the story, and contains many spoilers.

Story[edit | edit source]

Upon completing the tutorial, the first task listed in the players notebook is 'Find Mia', which prompts the player to begin exploring the Amazon rainforest and develop through the story. Many story items can be found throughout the game which add to the background of the story. Using Jake's visions and various story items this page attempts to place the assorted story pieces in to an chronological order.

Spirits of Amazonia[edit | edit source]

The Spirits of Amazonia

Some time in 2013 Jake Higgins and his wife Mia make their first trip to the Amazon Rainforest. Here they discover the lost tribe of the Amazon called the Yabahuaca. Together they spend time studying and learning about the tribe and notice they always seem in good health.

After returning home, Jake publishes a book called The Spirits of Amazonia. The book focuses on the Yabahuaca tribe, detailing their social structure, customs and rituals. The book also boasts about the tribes high immunity and hints at secrets passed down through generations.

The ‘Spirits of Amazonia’ was a failure, with many readers being left disappointed at the books lack of details of promised medical marvels. Jake even receives mail from a disgruntled reader who criticizes Jake for using the Yabahuaca tribe for his own fame and fortune.

Cancer[edit | edit source]

Mia in Hospital

At some point Mia is diagnosed with terminal Lung Cancer. The cost for Mia's cancer treatments are extremely high, with hospital bills reaching into the thousands. The Brazilian pharmaceutical corporation known as Omolu Corp send letters to Jake, expressing a keen interest in his research especially around the natives immunity and the access to medical substances they have. They offer a collaboration and are willing to fund Jake's travel expenses so he can study these medical substances.

With little left to lose, Jake takes up the offer from Omolu Corp. Jake and Mia then head back to the Amazon rainforest in the hopes of learning why the Yabahuaca tribe never gets sick and possibly even find a cure for Mia's cancer.

Second Visit[edit | edit source]

Mia receiving the gift from Chief Kwini

It has been three years since Jake and Mia first found the Yabahuaca tribe. They set up camp a short distance from the Yabahuaca main village. Mia plans to go alone to see the Yabahuaca, while Jake stays behind to index new plant species. During conversations with Jake, she mentions that she is worried the tribe wont speak to them. Since Jake's book, the World Health Alliance and many scientists had started to gain increasingly interested in the tribe, possibly even performing research on them. Jake expresses his concern for Mia visiting them alone, but she reassures him, it's for the best that they have a chance to achieve something and make a difference.

Before heading to the main village Mia leaves a birthday present for Jake to find. The present is a solar battery powered smart watch. The date on the watch is Monday January 11th. (The year is presumably 2016 as this is the only year where the 11th of Jan falls on a Monday.)

Upon reaching the Yabahuaca village, Mia has no success with communicating with the tribe and is forced to sleep at the edge of the village. In one of Mia's Journal entries she describes that eventually she gains the trust of chief Kwini, who initiates her in to the tribe. Chief Kwini shares the secrets of the tribe in the form of a 'gift'.

Omolu Corp & the Miraculous Cure[edit | edit source]

Daily News Article

After receiving the secrets discovered by Jake and Mia from their second trip to the Yabahuaca tribe, Omolu Corp immediately begin research on a new drug that would cure cancer. The results are so promising that they completely skips international clinical guidelines and start producing the new drug. The Daily News first reports about Jake's discovery of a miraculous cure in May 2017. The article mentions that witnesses say they have seen cured patients leaving the Omolu Corp's headquarters. It is presumably at this point that Mia would have been one of the first patients to have been administrated with the cure for cancer. The drug was a success, Mia's patient card shows she was completely cured of lung cancer.

According to the Extra newspaper article, Omolu Corp begin mass production of the new drug in June 2017. They start freely distributing the miraculous cure to the population of Brazil. The drug is said to cure not only cancer but also AIDS and lupus. Omolu Corp start to make billions of dollars, they own the exclusive rights to the new drug and are free to dictate the price of the drug for all other countries. While the rest of the world watches and waits, governments from different countries start negotiating with Omolu Corp in the hope to provide their own citizens with access to the drug.

The Virus[edit | edit source]

Mass Graves in Brazil

In April 2018 an unknown virus is first detected. A dozen cases are reported with some patients already slipped in to a coma. Brazilian authorities urge people who are showing the first symptoms of the virus - high fever and pale blue subdermal leasions - to seek medical attention.

By June 2018 newspapers report that the virus is spreading at a rapid rate. Several dozen people have already died and hospitals are stating to struggle with the incoming flood of sick people.

September 2018 the outbreak of the virus is out of control and starting to spread beyond Brazil borders. Over 20 million lives have been lost to the unknown virus and Brazil's medical supplies are running out fast. The rest of the world suspended all flights to and from Brazil to avoid coming in to contact with the deadly virus.

Mia in a Coma

Mia becomes infected with the virus, with doctors giving her six months to live. It can be assumed that she went to Omolu Corp for help to try and figure out what the root cause the virus is. After doing tests it becomes clear that the virus was caused by the unknown green fungi, one of the ingredients used in Omolu Corp's cure for cancer. Supporting evidence includes the audio report 16 by Dr. Smith.

Omolu Corp had unknowingly caused the epidemic that is killing millions of Brazilian citizens. Desperate for a cure Omolu Corp send an expedition team to the rainforest. Before Jake leaves to join the expedition, Mia leaves him a voice message on his phone begging him to come, that she needs him to be with her in her final days. But unfortunately by the time Jake goes to see her in the hospital, Mia is already in a coma and on a life support machine. The stakes are high and Jake is determined more then ever to find a cure.

The Expedition[edit | edit source]

Jake's Bed at Omega

Jake and the Omolu Corp expedition team head to the rainforest and set up camp Omega in the wetlands, not too far from the Yabahuaca tribes main village. The team consisting of Jake, Dr. Smith, Alvarez and Vega are to find any possible substances that could prove a promising cure for the virus. Dr. Smith leads the team, testing all samples and sending them back to Omolu headquarters via the airport.

During the expedition Jake become a weight for the team, he keeps talking about Mia and starts to fall on his colleagues nerves. His behavior starts becoming more and more stranger with each passing day, as he desperately starts clutching at straws trying to find a cure for Mia, who lies dying in a hospital. Dr. Smith notes in an audio recording that he fears Jake may be showing signs of a mental breakdown.

At some point Alvarez falls and breaks his leg becoming trapped inside a cave. With Alvarez missing and the team showing no signs of being any closer to finding a cure, Omolu Corp sends an email to Dr. Smith ordering the team to evacuate and abandon the mission. Dr. Smith and the remaining members of the expedition evacuate as ordered. However, Jake and Alvarez miss the last flight home. It is unclear when the expedition first arrived in the jungle, but from calender's seen in the jungle it could be suggested that the team headed back home in November 2018.

Presumably Jake ignored the order to evacuate and continued on his own, not wanting to give up on finding a cure. It can be assumed that at this point Jake's fragile state of mind, rapidly declined even further. The guilt of causing a virus that killed millions and being unable to save Mia, could have all contributed to Jake suppressing his traumatic memories resulting in amnesia.

The Cartel[edit | edit source]

There is a strong cartel presence in the rainforest. It can be presumed they are connected to both the drug factory and gold mine as road tracks lead to and from each site.

Gold Mine[edit | edit source]

Illegal Gold Mine

Worker's at the gold mine first start becoming sick in week 8 as shown on the mines production log, this suggest the very first signs of virus started in February 2018. (This is two months earlier then reports seen in the newspaper article by Green News, presumably after seeing the unknown virus was not an isolated incident, the government then issued an official report to the press.)

The virus spreads very quickly throughout the camp and all workers are dead within a short space of three weeks. They recruit more workers, the worker log suggest they recruited a further two teams. At first they are unaware why workers keep getting sick, thinking it could possibility be poisoning. However, they soon hear news of the virus. Realizing that whoever finds the cure would gain to make a fortune they set about trying to find the cure themselves.

At some point they shoot down a plane that was headed to camp omega, the plane crashes just outside of a cave. They steal the medical transport it was carrying and return to the gold mine with large quantities of medical supplies. Now aware that Omolu Corp have a team in the jungle, they set up a listening device and monitor radio conversation between Jake and his team. They intercept a radio message from Jake to Dr Smith which mentions “it's in the blood, the children are they key”.

The cartel start abducting people from the jungle, including members of the Yabahuaca tribe. They locked the abductees in bamboo cages and start performing tests on them. Using the stolen medical supplies they give test subjects blood transfusions, presumably the blood from the natives. Evidence to support this can be seen in surveillance notes by Antonio Almeida. A list of test subjects found at the gold mine suggests not only did they experiment on refugees but also some of their own workers. The cartel plan fails, with all subjects dying from the virus. They dispose of the bodies by burning them in a pit at the edge of the camp. It is unknown what happened to the remaining cartel, they either died as a result of the virus or fled to safety.

Drug Factory[edit | edit source]

According to the drug factory production log, workers became infected with the virus in week 21. Most of the crew died and they end up hiring more workers. In a letter by one of the workers, Tiago, mentions the cartel have captured a refugee, presumably to be used as a test subject at the gold mine. Unfortunately there is another outbreak at the factory and all production is halted. With a fresh outbreak of the virus it could be suggested that the remaining workers either died or fled.

Refugees[edit | edit source]

There are several refugees who have fled Brazil, their camps can be found scattered around the jungle:

Izabel's Journal

According to journal notes left by Nurse Izabel, after seeing the horrors of the virus Izabel Velho along with three friends, Carlos, Blanca and Joao set out into the rainforest to find the cure and save the world themselves. Using knowledge from Jake's book they plan to find the Yabahuaca tribe and take blood samples.

Antonio Almeida, his wife Sophia and daughter Teresita set off into the rainforest in an attempt to cross the border in to America. During their journey Antonio watches Izabels group. From his surveillance notes he shows interest in Nurse Izabel. His daughter Teresita is sick and needs medical attention. After seeing the group posses no threat, he approaches the group. The group take in Antonio and his family, however Carlos is suspicious of Antonio believing him to to a BOPE Solider.

At some point the group come across some natives, thinking they are from the Yabahuaca tribe they attempt to make contact. Unfortunately Joao is killed with a spear, the group manage to get escape after Antonio shoots one of the natives. Izabel details in her journal that the natives had skulls painted on their faces. Antonio relocates the group to a more secure and tactical location on anaconda island. The audio report no.8 by Alvarez confirms that six people are camped on the Island, north-west from the delta camp. He observes the group noting they have a child with them.

It is unclear how or when, but the group of refugees end up being captured by the Cartel and taken to the gold mine. According to a surveillance log kept by Antonio they are held captive along with 20 other people. There is a outbreak of the virus in the camp and Izabel says they are being experimented on. The log suggests the group was held captive for at least a week, and died not long after.

The audio report no.36 suggests that Dr Smith was at delta shortly after the refugees disappear, he notes there hasn't been a fire in two days on the island and debates sending Vega to check on the camp.

Letter From Tiago

There are hints of one other refugee in the jungle. Marcela is the partner of Tiago, who is a worker at the drug factory. It can be assumed that after the outbreak of the virus Marcela left Brazil to find Tiago. In Tiago's first letter to Marcela he mentions he may know some smugglers who ferry people by boats, suggesting that they are planning to flee the country. Marcela takes refuge in a cave not far from the drug factory. In Tiago's second letter he tells Marcela to continue hiding and he will come for her when it is safe, as he had to run away from the factory due to an outbreak.

It is unknown what happened to Tiago and Marcela, whether they escaped to safety, succumbed to the virus or worse...

The Yabahuaca[edit | edit source]

The Yabahuaca Tribe

After Jake's book the The Spirits of Amazonia is published, the Yabahuaca tribe is thrown in to the public spotlight of the world. The increased interest meant the once peaceful tribe had started to become harassed by scientists and organizations such as the WHA. With the discovery of the Omolu Corp's cure for cancer, the World News reports that the Brazilian government placed the Yabahuaca under protection out of concern for the tribes safety. However this didn't stop people from looking for the tribe when the outbreak of the virus hit Brazil.

The Yabahuaca became even more endangered with people now looking for a cure to the virus. The cartel capture and use tribal members to conduct experiments at the gold mine. It is suggested that the Yabahuaca are wiped to extinction as a result.

During Jake's second visit to the jungle, Mia mentions in a conversation that the tribe is divided in to two factions with some members of the tribe becoming opposed after the chief wanted to approach the World Health Alliance peacefully. This suggests that some members of the tribe left the Yabahuaca and later became the highly aggressive skullpainted Waraha Tribe.

Finding the Cure[edit | edit source]

Sample Analyzer Machine

At Omega Camp the player must enter the tent that houses the Omolu Corp laboratory. Explore the tent and find the sample analyzer machine, after interacting with the machine the player will be prompted to 'insert the blood sample' and 'find the cure' for the virus.

  • Take the infected blood sample from the fridge and place it in the sample analyzer machine.
  • The player then must add samples to the machine in order to find the cure. (The player can place anything from consumables, flora or animal samples in to the machine).

The player can choose to either find the cure or not, go to the point marked on the map 'H' this is the Yabahuaca Main Village, drink the ayahuasca brew for the fourth and final vision and speak to Mia.

Happy Ending?[edit | edit source]

If you found the cure, the option to tell Mia will be unlocked. Tell Mia you 'found the cure', she will tell you to go and the vision will end. The player will then be prompted to go to the airport. Leave the main village in any direction and the screen will fade to black. Jake will now be at the airport calling for help on the radio, telling them he has found the cure. The person on the receiving end of the radio replies saying they will send a plane to pick Jake up. The next scene appears showing Jake sitting with Mia at the airstrip. Jake will have a conversation with Mia, she tells him “you could always come back to me”. As the plane circles overhead, Jake and Mia say their farewells and she then fades to dust.

It can be presumed that Mia is already dead due to length of time Jake has been in the jungle. All the conversations Jake had with Mia over the walkie-talkie following the first vision are figments of his imagination, suggesting this was his minds ways of overcoming the grief for Mia and forgiving himself for contributing to the cause of the virus.

Alternate Ending[edit | edit source]

If you didn't find the cure, while talking to Mia, tell her either 'I'm Sorry' or 'I don't know'. Mia will ask Jake to come to her. Exit the room and Jake will now be at the main village. Mia will be standing in front of a camp fire, walk up to Mia and she will disappear. Members of the Yabahuca tribe will appear and start looking at Jake. Continue to walk around the village and find Mia, each time she will disappear but she will continue to talk to Jake. She asks Jake why he didn't stay at the airstrip (when evacuated) and to look at all the people he killed. More members of the tribe will appear and Jake's inner voice can be heard telling him he cant save Mia and to give up. Continue finding Mia until she tells Jake to go. Walk in to the light and the scene will cut to Jake running from the village, he will fall and land in a pool of water (at the location where the game started after the tutorial, setting up another possible iteration). The scene ends with Jake under water and the sound of him drowning can be heard.