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ItemData template to keep all the data[edit source]

@Miamew3 @Fandango Al I know this sound very high tech solution and kinda redundant and overwhelming to do. But this solve the problem of editing. I saw @Miamew3 edit the whole thing in Consumables, but some article that have same info with that changes will be not updated automatically in the article unless we go there and edit it. For now it is manageable to handle the editing with only that much of items. But I am afraid in massive full release update coming soon, maybe there are more items than we can handle here with just 3 editors that really active.

So my solution is create a template to keep data for each item that contain only certain important info. I used to edit Mindustry Wiki and created this template for keeping the data and linked all article that used the same data using that template. Here the example of data keeping and how it looks like in an article (if you click edit and see the source, you only get this template {{Item data Chain Turret|Turrets}}. The "Item data Chain Turret" is the template that keep the data, and "Turret" is the template that retrieve all the data and present them in infobox form). And with installation of <DPL> tag, you can get this awesome list of item that link to each other (click preview to view the result. And if you hover on each link, you will get a pop out of quick info for the hovered item).

So what your thought about this? SNN95 (talk) 03:09, 15 July 2019 (UTC)

lol I was only going to add in a few things and ended up editing more. I will take a proper look at your suggest tomorrow. It's late here and i need to sleep. Miamew3 (talk) 03:31, 15 July 2019 (UTC)
@Miamew3 No worry. This is for the sake of easy editing in the future. SNN95 (talk) 12:53, 15 July 2019 (UTC)