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Ultimate Survival Guide (Food)

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Note: This guide is outdated. If you play on the most recent version of Green Hell, you can't put any kind of Soup in Bidons or Coconut Bidons.

Hey guys,

first time using this page and first time writing a guide so I hope this works.

I want to present you the ultimate survival guide in terms of managing your energie and nutritions without caring about food for a long time. With this foodsupplies you can run in the jungle for a very long time without getting tired, dehydrated, hungry or die from random venomous encounters (where we all died a lot of times I bet). So first things first. This takes about 2-3 days of ingame effort with a good camp. If you have to find all the equipment needed and build up a camp first then it takes a few days longer. Also the guide is pretty long but its worthy believe me!

What do we need? Equiptment: -the metal pot -the metal bidon -a protected fire -six coconut bidons -one coconut half Food / Herbs: -8x Capybara meat -6x Unknown Bulp -2x Quassia Amara Unlimited watersource: During rainseason no problem, otherwise look for a river or a pond. (dirty water is okay, since we will cook it anyway)

Where do we get that stuff? Equipment: -pot = 51'W 28'S. -metal bidon 44'W 17'S. -coconut bidon craft it with one coconut and one rope. -harvest a coconut. -fire in cave /shelter / smoker (52'W 17'S Bamboo smoker / 37'W 19'S normal smoker). Food / Herbs: -Capybara are pretty common at a few places, you should run into them. -The bulp appears after you cut down a big bush with round red and white flowers, after the bush despawns you will find that bulp under it. -Quassia Amara is the other bush with red flowers.

Cook up you foodsupplies! Place a empty bidon next to the fire, now place your pot and a coconut shell on the fire. Fill up the canteens with water and add 1x Capybara meat to the pot and 1x Capybara meat to the coconut half. When the soup is done open your inventory and you should be able to drag the pot and coconut half from the fire onto the empty bidon you placed next to the fire. Boom soup for takeaway. Continue until you cooked up all of your 8x Capybara meat. Then you got two coconut bidons and the metal bidon full of meat soup. Next thing is the unknown bulp. Do the same as you did with the meat and you will get three coconut bidons full of nice Cassava soup. Last thing to cook up is the Flower Quassia Amara. Also cook one portion in the pot and one in the coconut, drag them over and you have a full coconut bidon full of Quassia Amara infusion.

Now the tip to make this guide useful: When you drink a soup from a bidon you will consume as much units of soup as you need on hydration but you will not get more nutritions from the soup by consuming more of it at one time. So fill the soup from your bidon into a coconut half. Since these halfs can contain a maximum of 10 units of soup you are able to consume your soup step by step and get the full nutitions on every serving.

Conclusion! 2x coconut bidon + 1x metal bidon with meat soup = 180 units = 18 servings (1 serving = 72 Proteins, 22 Fats, 15 Energy, 10 Hydration)

    = total of 1296 Proteins, 396 Fats, 270 Energy, 180 Hydration

3x coconut bidon with Cassava soup = 120 units = 12 serving (1 serving = 50 carbs, 10 Energy, 10 Hydration)

    = total of 600 carbs, 120 Energy, 10 Hydration

1x coconut bidon with Quassia Amara infusion = 40 units = 4 servings (1 serving = instant fever healing)

    = total of four times instant! fever healing!

I think in combination with some tobacco bandages and normal bandages you should be able to survive in the jungle a long time without any stress. Free exploring, time for experiments, start a war with natives, hunt jaguars or whatever you want to do without having starvation, spoiling food or venom in your head all the time. Also you can make a tobacco infusion witch heals venom instant. But i find fever more annoying since tobacco dressings are a good way to deal with venom.

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