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V.0.1 was an update released August 30th, 2018.

Additions, Changes, & Fixes[edit | edit source]

V1.09 Changelog

  • Notebook text scale issue should be fixed.
  • Sanity notifications are now displayed along with cause of loss.
  • Worm under skin texture reworked, so it’s easier to spot.
  • Random Tribe attacks are temporary disabled, as their where ruining the experience for many. They will be reworked in future updates. (Hallucinations will still occurs).
  • When trying to load a game, popup text said that you are overwriting existing save fixed.
  • Fixing missing letters in French, Italian, Spanish.

Added new languages:

  • Chinese traditional
  • Chinese simplified
  • Portuguese
  • Brazilian-Portuguese
  • Russian
Early Access
The current version is V.0.5.5 which was released on April 12, 2019.