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V.0.1.3 was an update released September 17th, 2018.

Additions, Changes, & Fixes[edit | edit source]

V.0.1.3 Changelog

New stuff

  • Wide screen support for (21:10,21:9)
  • Key bindings.
  • Blocked places that allows players to leave the map.
  • Expand Menu systematized (always same order)
  • Improved hit reactions.
  • Improved visuals of leeches.
  • Hint reminding why firestarting failed.
  • Speed of sanity drops now depends on difficulty.
  • Player now starts with full stats on survival mode.
  • Low nutritions no longer block healing process and drain condition.
  • Decreased palm leaf numbers in raffia tree, it's easier to pick up dry leafs now.


  • Food processors should work properly when you walk away.
  • Fire should work properly when you walk away.
  • Pink material of some soups.
  • Decay timer no longer resets after loading game.
  • Cooking timer no longer resets after loading game.
  • Sometime when sleeping time wasn't moving.
  • Fire snapping to stone ring.
  • Small fire should work under rack/smoker.
  • Animation bugs, when attacked by insects.
  • Blocking with spear animation.
  • Egg spoiling time.
  • No more stick blades in the air after loading the game.
  • Rains stopped after new year.
  • Bugs with cooking slots.
  • Animation blocks in case when you get hit while crafting.
  • Carrying Log position.
  • Weapon disappearing when getting hit.
  • Weapon icon not disappearing when weapon is destroyed.
  • Items dropping on the ground when crafting.
  • Lack of collision with metal grill.
  • Fx position on bamboo filter.
  • Bamboo bridge collisions.
  • Feather material.
  • Small localisation bugs.
  • Maggots in soups no longer drop under terrain.
  • Heavy objects disappearing when crafting.
  • Missing food poison tooltips.
  • Spear block when fishing.
  • Jaguar animations.
  • Small UI fixes.
  • Coconut bidon size.
  • Sounds in case when you come back to main menu with low sanity.
  • Peacock bass position in backpack.
  • Smaller UI adjustments.
  • Other smaller bugs.

Full Release
Early Access
The current version is V.1.8.1 which was released on August 14, 2020.