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World Magazine
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World Magazine is a story item which was added in update V.1.0 to Green Hell.

Basic Info[edit | edit source]

Mia can be seen reading an article by world magazine in Jake's third vision. The article covers Omolu Corp's hasty production of the miracle cure for cancer. The Worlds Health Alliance condemns the actions of Omolu Corp, suggesting they have bypassed international guidelines surrounding the testing and production of new drugs. The article goes on to explain the strict procedures pharmaceutical company's have to follow before a drug can be introduced to the market.

Transcription[edit | edit source]

Speed more important then quality? Drug from Omolu Corp already available

Barely a year had passed since the Brazilian pharmaceutical company started working on a new, revolutionary drug, and the medicine in question is already in use and being administered to patients. The world's medical experts are outraged about this violation of procedures and express concern over the safety of patients.

On Tuesday, the WHA officially condemned the actions of Omolu Corp, which introduced a new drug onto the market at such a record-breaking speed. According to a WHA representative, it is “impossible to conduct all necessary tests and adhere to international guidelines for new drugs in such a short time”. Meanwhile, the President of Brazil has offered his support to the company, indicating that the drug has been approved for sale by the appropriate registration office. He also added that the gravely ill can't spare several years to wait for effective treatment.

According the the CEO of Omolu Corp, K. Kwiatek, the drug was examined and is safe to use. It is also said to be exceptionally efficient against cancer. Supposedly, the medicine leads to a complete and swift recovery, while also preventing recurrence and metastasis. This is why its rushed introduction onto the market is supported by organizations from all over the world.

Before a drug makes its way to patients

The development of any drug starts with searching for new ways to treat a particular sickness, condition or symptoms. In the first phase, as many as hundreds or even thousands of chemical substances and compounds are examined for their healing or preventive potential. Next, out of that pool a small number of the most promising ones are chosen. They undergo preclinical trials, which are conducted on live tissue or bacteria, and take approximately five years. It isn't until the next phase that the substances chosen from the initial pool are administered to people in a series of strictly regulated clinical trails (which take up to six years). Only then can a pharmaceutical company apply for registration. The application is examined by a registration authority for about 1.5 years. Once approval is received , the production of the drug can finally be launched, and then it is introduced onto the market. This isn't the end of the procedure, though. Every officially available drug is under constant, strict supervision.

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