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World News
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Newspaper Article by World News
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World News is a story item which was added in update V.1.0 to Green Hell.

Basic Info[edit | edit source]

The newspaper article by World News dated on 26th June 2017, reports on the Jake's discoveries of a miracle cure. It describes some of the preparations Jake had to undergo before his first visit to the Amazonian rainforest, where he found the lost Yabahuaca tribe. It goes on to mention how Omolu Corp convinced Jake to share his secrets.

The World News newspaper article can be found displayed on the wall in Jake's third vision.

Transcription[edit | edit source]

Breakthrough in medicine! Omolu Corp is going to heal us!

The pharmaceutical company Omolu Corp was the only one to convince Jake Higgins to share the secrets of eternal health and has immediately started developing a new drug. We are in for a real medical revolution!

Higgins is the first man in the world who managed to get in touch with the previously unknown Yabahuaca tribe. Before he went to Brazil, he had to undergo complete vaccination, enhance his immunity, implement a healthy diet and take numerous tests to make sure he was in perfect shape. When it comes to tribes isolated from the world, coming into contact with a sickness brought from the outside, even a common cold, could lead to the extinction of an entire village. Higgins, however, rose up to this challenge - and we should all be grateful!

When he reached his destination, it turned out that all the preparations were unnecessary. In the book he wrote after his return, Higgins included a sensational claim: reportedly, this native tribe never got sick. By doing so, he aroused hope among the sick, but the book was eventually a huge disappointment, as the author didn't reveal the true reason behind the native's perfect immunity. Medical experts assessed that without evidence his claims were nothing more than fairytales.

Luckily, Higgins also attracted supporters, who saw the potential of his extraordinary claims. Omolu Corp managed to convince the traveler to share the knowledge he acquired. They were the only company in the world brave enough to launch unconventional research whose goal, among others, is to revolutionize cancer treatment. Soon complicated surgeries and exhausting chemotherapy will be come history.

The fact that numerous copycats of Omolu Corp are trying to get to the Yabahuaca at all cost seems to prove that Jake Higgins really discovered the secret of health. The interest is so huge that the Brazilian government had to start denying permits to venture into the tribe's territory out of concern for its safety. The authorities introduced special safety measures and created a reservation to prevent any unauthorized parties from trying to endanger the tribe. The Yabahuaca are under full protection.

Thanks to Higgins and Omolu Corp a revolution in medicine has been put into motion, which will lead to the elimination of previously untreatable and often lethal conditions. If it comes to completion, this will mean that an unassuming traveler will go down in history not only of medicinal progress, but also the entire human race.

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